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For many Cajun cuisine is uncharted waters. Here you can familiarize with some popular terms that are found throughout our menu! Once you feel confident, check out our quiz to determine if you are a true Cajun!

Andouille A popular reddish Cajun pork sausage made from pork stomach and other ingredients.
Boudin Cajun pork sausage made with pork and rice.
Cayenne A long, thin, red-hot pepper used as seasoning in many Cajun dishes and commonly in powder form.
Etouffee A method of Cajun food preparation meaning smothered and cooked without a Roux - used to cook crawfish, fish, and other foods.
Gumbo A soup or stew made with a Roux - includes some common Cajun fowl, game, seafood, sausage, and tasso.
Jambalaya A Cajun dish in which pork, game, and other ingredients are cooked together with rice.
Roux A classic Cajun concoction made by blending oil and flour and cooking them together.  Used in Cajun Gumbo, stews, fricassees, court bouillon, etc.

Give yourself a point each time you answer yes to a question below, and we'll see if you're Cajun!

  • Can you remember when you didn't tell people that you like to eat crawfish because it's "un-elegant" and everybody knows that only Cajuns eat crawfish!
  • Does your father consider a 6-pack of beer and a pound of Boudin a 7-course meal?
  • Does your grandma belly ache all week 'til Saturday when she steps out and cuts a fine two-step with the best of 'em?
  • If the doctor told you coffee caused cancer...would you take your chances rather than do without?
  • Could you paddle a pirogue 20 MPH down a straight stretch of stump-free bayou?
  • Do you have a Tee-Jean, Tee-Man, or a Tee-Boy among your uncles?
  • Have you called him his "Tee" name so long that you forgot his real one?
  • Are you related to your next door neighbor?
  • Does someone in your family know how to treat sunstroke, the "Waste-Away Sickness," or "Indian Fire"?
  • Did your grandma regularly eat "Coosh-Coosh" for breakfast?
  • If you look closely at your grandma's wedding picture, is her corsage made of crepe paper?
  • If someone stepped on your toe, would you instinctively yell "Ahh-yee" instead of "ouch"?

So how did you do on de quiz, cher'?  Is de bayou de place for you?  If you scored:

  • 10-12:   You're a full-blooded Cajun!
  •     7-9:   You ain't a real Cajun, but you might just have an identity crisis!
  •     8-6:   Awe, cher', you not even in de ball game!
Note:  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
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